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About Us

Cuatro Media Group

Cuatro Media Group is a multimedia digital production house of highly talented professionals that create, develop, and produce a variety of work in video production. Cuatro specializes in the creation of television commercials, corporate videos, music videos, infomercials, documentaries, full length features and shorts, and promos. Cuatro is the leader in the field of web content-development, social media, new media, corporate branding and still campaigns.

It’s a company that leads in digital production and new media so Cuatro can provide the solution to all your production needs. Cuatro Media Group is located in the city of Chicago and in the city of Los Angeles. We also provide international production services in Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. We can also give you the best cost effective option regarding your project and/or shoot in terms of locations, scouting, permits, travel arrangements, casting, equipment, production crew and talents. We can negotiate rates for creative fees and usage in terms of pricing and time no matter if it is a small, medium or large production.


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Cuatro Media Group


Web design & development

For those with very high standards, Cuatro provides timely solutions with uncompromising quality. We specialize in custom web design solution tailored to your specific needs. The website design is cost effective, fast and search engine friendly.


Video, TV Commercials & Short Films

Our family at Cuatro is a compilation of the best and brightest with a wide range of production careers. Our staff includes Emmy Award winners for ENG and writing, as well as young artists who bring a fresh vision to that of the experienced artists whose unbridled talent show in their work. Our services can satisfy tasks from pre to post production. No matter what your production needs may be, from live shoots, ENG or EFP crews, to the budget-friendly internet video, Cuatro has the package to exceed your expectations.


Bringing beautiful stories to life is our passion!

Cuatro Studio is a passionate group of Photographers with extensive experience in top 5 markets! We use only the latest DSRL cameras. Our work has taken us around the world in the process refining our work. We are here to offer our high production value from Corporate Photography, Photojournalist, Corporate Events, Social Media, Fashion, Modeling, Portraits and Sports in a way that no one else can.

“Cuatro Studio is a photography and video production company of highly talented

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Our initial consultation is FREE of charge. In fact, Cuatro would be delighted to have the opportunity to talk to you, therefore giving us an opportunity to discuss your needs. At the initial consultation, we will discuss all your needs, ensuring that Cuatro has a full understanding of your wants and needs.


The goal of Research & pre-production is to develop an efficient structure for your project on which the final product will be produced. In pre-production, we identify potential difficulties in production and work with you to minimize or eliminate them.


The preliminary idea is refined into a product concept that includes consumer benefits and features of the product. We will then start an interactive process to ensure that any and all improvements that you require are included. We expect at this stage there will be some slight tweaks and changes needed as it is in development.


The final design draft is the result of successful improvements. The client gives the approval – that all project specifications have been incorporated into the final prototype- leading to a final success and launch.




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